The College provides full-board accommodation for students studying at the main campus in Goli. Due to the remote location, day scholars are rare. However, in other campus locations such as Yei town or Ajuong Thok day scholars are the majority.
There is a big hall available for activities, a library for studies, and a small supermarket to get personal effects.
Emmanuel Christian College clinic takes care of the medical needs of the students.
There are various opportunities to keep active and enlarge one’s skills outside of class. Interested in drama, music or agriculture? This is the place for you. Come and engage!

The school enterprise club at Emmanuel Christian College is a co-curricular activity. It was founded after exposure at a sustainable education conference in Uganda in 2014 organised by the British charity Teach A Man to Fish. While the main goal is to develop skills in planning and implementation of a sustainable business in the school context, there is also external motivation by participating in a global school enterprise challenge. This yearly competition requires reporting three times a year. 

The members of the club join voluntarily and are given freedom to guide and lead themselves to a large extent. The club patron gives guidance. The businesses which have been implemented range from agricultural activities, cooking, to selling items in a shop.
Emmanuel Christian College provides various opportunities to get involved in sports. There is a regular football league and also netball premises are available for practice. Competitions between institutions are organised and school-internal sports days enjoy high popularity.