Emmanuel Christian College has several projects to reach out. The College provides services through these projects that help to empower the surrounding community as well as impact the nation especially through provision of basic education.

Emmanuel Christian Academy

Emmanuel Christian Academy (ECA) was created to serve the staff of Emmanuel Christian College, Christian missionaries in South Sudan and the wider community. Due to the desperate need for quality education in a post-war South Sudan, families are separated in search of such education for their children in other East African countries. Emmanuel Christian Academy is an initiative to counter that tendency and provide Christian based quality education with South Sudan.
Since 2010, the Primary School operated in Goli, Yei River County. Up to 2018 the school served 400+ children from the community. About half of the children were internally displaced from their homes due to the current conflict. The committed teachers provided hope and stability for these children. In May 2018 the ECC compound was attacked and the primary school had to be closed until further notice.
Emmanuel Christian Academy – Secondary School is operating in Yei town since 2017. In 2020 ECA had approximately 200 students. The students enjoy a conducive learning environment with competent teachers in small classes and the school prides as one of the best academic centers of excellence in Yei Town.


Strive for Excellence


The vision of ECA is to support families of both ECC and the wider community, to live and serve together in South Sudan, enabling their children to receive Christian-based, quality education.


ECA provides education with a sound academic standard based on a firm Biblical and moral foundation, with a Christian worldview and with the purpose of equipping students to meet the challenges of modern day life.


Farm and Livestock

The Emmanuel Christian College Farm project is cultivating local vegetables and maize. The project is the College’s initiative to promote self-reliance by producing food locally for students’ consumption and to empower the local communities with Biblical principles of farming in order to enhance food production. ECC has farm land of 250 hectares of which 70 hectares has been made useful for crop production up to 2016.
This year and in preparation for the College to return to the main campus ECC After a forced break of production due to insecurity, the college has taken up crop production again. 8.6 hectares of maize has been planted within and around the campus.
The cattle make one of the major elements of the ECC farm. Currently ECC has more than 60 head of cattle. Our animal production also includes a poultry section. They provide the institution with food (meat and milk), but also income. 


The ECC clinic is the only health facility available to people outside of Yei Town along Yei Maridi road. For this reason our health officers deal with an average of 25,000 patients per year. These people mostly come from Tore Payam, parts of Lasu Payam, Yei River County. With the help of the Yei River County Health department, ECC successfully provides basic health services to people who cannot access such in Yei Town.