ECC Board Members Paid a Courtesy Visit to the Minister of Higher Education

The ECC Board members under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Arkanjelo paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Hon. Gabriel Changson Chan. Accompanied by the Bishop Dr Isaiah Dau Majok and the ECC Principal Daniel Ohide, the team congratulated the Minister for his appointed position.
The delegation raised the issue of the college registration and accreditation process and assured the Minister of the ECC Board’s commitment to see the college become one of the best national private institutions of higher learning in the country.
On his part, the minister appreciated the delegation and promised to see that the college is registered and recognized as one of the private learning institutions in South Sudan.  He issued a directive for a technical team from the Ministry of Higher Education to visit the ECC main campus in Goli as part of the process to finalize the registration of Emmanuel Christian College.

ECC Principal Paid a Courtesy Visit to the Governor of Central Equatoria State.

The Principal of Emmanuel Christian College, Mr Daniel Ohide, paid a courtesy visit to the newly appointed Governor of Central Equatoria Hon. Emmanuel Adil Anthony on 28 th August 2020. In his visit the Principal congratulated the Governor for his newly appointed position. The principal also briefed the Governor about ECC’s continued pursuit for registration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.
On his part the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Hon. Emmanuel Adil Anthony, lauded the momentous role that the institution has been playing in the provision of education in the nation, particularly Central Equatoria State, enriching the population with quality and most essential skills and knowledge to better their lives.
Governor Emmanuel also affirmed the college leadership of the willingness and support of his government to ensure that the college is registered for effective realization of the college’s vision and mission in the nation and beyond.

Inauguration of student’s council.

On Friday, March 13, the Dean of Students of Emmanuel Christian College organized the 2020 inauguration ceremony for the student council on the Reconcile campus. The inauguration began with the general orientation to new students by the dean of students, Mr. Joseph Laila. The new students were shown the campus facilities, their uses and how the students could access very important offices such as the office of the principal, academic dean, finance, and staff offices.
Over 300 students attended the actual inauguration of the new student representatives to the ECC student council. Mr. Daniel Ohide, who is the principal of the College, appreciated the student council members for their leadership and encouraged the new members to work harder in the interest of the students. He also encouraged the whole audience to pray for the students’ leaders, give respect and work together by building good relation with each other. Furthermore, the principal urged the entire students of Emmanuel Christian College to transform themselves with integrity and being focus toward the development of their nation South Sudan. He encouraged everyone to be students who can produce sustainable communities wherever they go. The Academic Dean Rev. Simon Lasuba concluded the celebration.

Friday 13 th March 2020
By Okee John James, Journalism Club

Teacher Training in the Mountains

Emmanuel Christian College’s commitment to take education to the most unreached is a serious business.
Through the Teachers Training outreach program, the college services have been extended to Nuba Mountains, Sudan. In partnership with Nuba Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NRRDO), ECC launched an intensive in-service teachers training for 51 teachers. 10 of the 51 students
are women. This programme attracted participants from various parts of the Nuba Mountains including the Blue Nile regions. In an area that has been dominated by Arabic language over the last 100 years, ECC is very privileged to be among the first institutions to launch its training program with English as a medium of instruction in Gidel.
Teachers who complete this program will be awarded a certificate in Education.

Missionary Workshop in Yei

Young and old from various churches were invited by the Theology department of Emmanuel Christian College
(ECC) to sharpen their skills in music for one week… and they followed the call. A faithful group of close to 60
participants attended the different training sessions covering music theory, vocal and instrumental lessons with the
keyboard, the guitar, or the drums. ECC staff together with local musicians was teaching the participants competently
and with a lot of passion. Though the week seemed too short to gain enough skills, the foundation was laid and each
one is encouraged to continue practicing. ECC was appreciated for organizing a workshop which addressed a
current need of many churches within Yei Town.