20 years after its establishment, Emmanuel Christian College has finally been accredited and registered as a private learning institution in South Sudan. This has been very tedious, slow and challenging to say the least. However, a month ago, the ECC leadership was called upon by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology for a meeting in his office. During the meeting Hon. Gabriel Changson Chan disclosed the long awaited news of the College registration.

Bishop Dr. Arkanjelo Wani Lemi, Deputy Chair of the ECC Board, expressed his gratitude to God for this great achievement. He also appreciated the Minister for expediting the process and making ECC realize this long awaited dream. Other Board Members, Archbishop Elias Taban Parangi and Bishop Dr. Isaiah Dau, also expressed their appreciation and emphasized the important role the College plays in South Sudan.

ECC had partnered internationally with various universities to make quality education accessible to the people of South Sudan. Apart from financial challenges and policy matters, the Covid-19 pandemic had made it impossible for the College to operate based on affiliation. Therefore, the approval of the College came at a critical time.

We thank the ECC partners, staff and students for the incredible faith in the pursuit of the College registration.

In the course of the next few months, the College leadership is challenged to address an acute shortage of full-time academic staff. Current staff who studied outside of South Sudan needs to authenticate their certificates in order to be recognized in South Sudan.