I would like to say ‘thank you very much’ for your support and prayers towards the existence of Emmanuel Christian College. As I look back at the events at Emmanuel Christian College in the past three years till now, I am convinced that God is with us. It has been a tough journey since 2016, but you stood firm with us in everything all aspect and for that reason, I am indebted to you and want to say Thank You!
Three years ago when the war broke out in Yei, South Sudan, many schools and tertiary institutions closed their operations due to insecurity, but ECC staff defied all odds and stood up together to make sure we kept the little light of Emmanuel Christian College shining a little longer. I can vividly recall the euphoria the students had when they arrived in Yei to finish their studies in January 2017. It was unbelievable to many based on the experiences they had in 2016. Early that year, we unanimously came up with a theme, “Moving Forward Together”. That theme proved magical because we stood together in one accord in the midst of the insecurity, economic crisis and separation from our families till we finished that academic year successfully and I witnessed the graduation of many students.
In 2018, ECC staffs took up a new challenge to make sure our first ever Bachelor class and diploma students in other departments graduated. We came up with a new theme for that year, “Together for the Bigger Picture”. This theme proved to be a true test of faith and commitment. We started the year well but in the middle of that year, our campus was attacked; we lost some beloved staff members and school children, and also experienced the departure of OD financial support as ECC’s main partner. The management presented the challenges and all the staffs were involved in decision making. In harmony we came up with a resolution to continue serving regardless of the current challenges. Major austerity measures were put in place including a rigorous pay cut of employees’ salaries to enable us to finish the year successfully. Although a few of our comrades voluntarily stepped down due to the challenges at hand, we also had to cut our staff number without necessarily affecting our programs. Miraculously, we finished the year successfully and I witnessed another colorful graduation ceremony of students.
In early 2019, we stood up again to undertake another challenge. This time around, we were all aware of the fundamental challenges. We unanimously chose a theme, “Seek God and Press on Together”. This theme challenged everyone to seek God for wisdom, guidance and direction. Our fate to continue lies in our individual hearts and 2019 has truly been a year of refinement for us all. The financial constraints at hand are visible to everyone. Our persistence to continue serving at ECC is not because we have nowhere to go but it’s because of the unquenchable desire of the students to continue learning and the hope we all have in the faithful God who has never let us down.
All in all, the collection of these success stories would have not come to pass if it were not because of support by various partners. The impact of Emmanuel Christian College and Emmanuel Christian Academy is felt far beyond the States of South Sudan and Sudan and that is why we are committed to keeping the light of this institution shining far and wide despite all the obstacles.
Together we are making history!”

Alex Lubang, ECC staff

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