I joined Emmanuel Christian College (ECC) in 2018. Since I joined ECC, it has brought many positive changes in my life.  This institution has changed my life academically and spiritually. Before joining the College, I used to see myself as a useless person, but now as part of the ECC family, I have found out that God has a purpose and a plan for me.

The lifestyle of fellow students and staff in this institution has played a major role in the changes that have happened in my life. ECC doesn’t only challenge us to excel academically and transforming our thoughts and minds, it also encourages practical Christian living demonstrated in the actions of the staff. In Emmanuel Christian College I am accepted for who I am and I confidently feel a member of God’s family

I am completing my studies in teacher education early next year. My big dream is to go back to Nuba Mountains and become a teacher, a mentor and an example to many of the students in my classroom and people in Nuba Mountains especially the young girls.

Rose Ismail Banuna
Third Year studentDiploma in Education

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