Few weeks after the results of senior four (Uganda certificate of Education) were out, my uncle rang me and told me to go to South Sudan to join Emmanuel Christian College. I was in Uganda by then; disappointments engulfed my face. I was planning to join ‘A’ level so that I work towards my dream of becoming a doctor. The college was offering education, business administration, leadership management and theology and they have no science courses; I knew my dream was like running after the wind that cannot be caught. Joining Emmanuel Christian College wasn’t an easy decision to take because it wasn’t my dream to become a teacher; I had a negative attitude towards the teaching profession.

When I talked about college with my buddies they used to tell me that college was a different place; a place of freedom, loneliness, and a place where one does his own things without any support from anybody. Fear scratched my heart with sharp claws and my whole mind was confused. Every moment of my day was like the last day on earth, a day that wasn’t easy for one to think of any decision because the brain wasn’t functioning for some times.

A couple of days later, I joined the college for my diploma in education. My first day in class was friendly and enjoyable, but I could still recall what my friends told me before. I found out that, it was a different thing. Life in Emmanuel Christian College is great and enjoyable. I couldn’t imagine that was what was happening every year. It was different and unique from other institutions that I had attended. The activities and the programs that were held through the week were so amazing. The activities and programs unite the students and staff. When you are new in the college you could not figure out who are staffs and who is a student because they were friendly and help each other.

As I write this testimony now, I’m glad to be a student of Emmanuel Christian College. I appreciate the ECC staff for giving me all that I needed; the rights and responsibilities to be an effective teacher and citizen. I have been made to understand that human beings are created in the image of God with dignity regardless of their gender. In ECC my love and passion for education has been ignited. I found out that teachers have a greater role in the society and nation at large. I’m inspired by the principal and the ECC staff for their passionate services for the people of South Sudan and Sudan. In ECC, I was also introduced to the works of Julius Nyerere, the former president of Tanzania, who played a great role of transforming his nation and made it a place of peace. As I have been inspired by these humble men and women, I, too, want to inspire others to be God fearing people, patriotic, hardworking, visionaries and nation builders.  

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