I was working in an established school during the war founded by Opendoors / Africa Service International in collaboration with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Sudan. It is called Emmanuel Christian College (ECC). I was both a professor and the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs.
As a matter of ethics, senior staff of the school were asked to bring their families to stay with them in school although it wasn’t safe due to the LRA activities in the area from 2006 – 2008. However, we took a step of faith to bring our families and stayed with them in Goli. So my kids lived among the Mundu community and many other families from the Equatoria region. As a learning community, ECC brought people from various parts of the country to Goli for studies. Seeing South Sudanese stay together as brothers and sisters was for me – a former SPLA freedom fighter – like a dream come true. The college community was a true manifestation of a truly free and united people.
Over the years, the college has grown bigger offering a variety of disciplines including Business Administration, Education, and Leadership and Management. I recommend anyone to apply who wants quality education. ECC has competent professors and lecturers who come from different tribes, nations and races across the world. Lecturers are scheduled on a two-week-time interval, coming either from Europe, America, within the region in Africa or even from Asia or the Middle East, depending on their area of expertise. The College was and is still fully equipped, with modern facilities.
ECC has produced a great number of leaders in South Sudan, including some current Governors, Ministers and businessmen and women in all the states.
Although the college was temporarily affected by the 2016 conflict causing students to relocate to Yei to continue with lesson, the ECC leadership has maintained the main campus. A team from the Ministry of Education will be visiting the main campus as part of the process to complete the college’s registration as a private learning institution in South Sudan.
My children have grown up and some have become university students and I am very grateful to God for the professional teachers in ECC and the excellent learning environment; perhaps the best place in the whole of South Sudan to study.
I recommend those who are seeking quality education to join Emmanuel Christian College. This college has what it takes to produce responsible citizens for our nation.

Dr Francis Ayul Yuar
Deputy General Manager for Business Development,
Nile Petroleum Corporations, Juba, South Sudan.
Co-Founder and Vice Moderator,
Faith Evangelical Baptist Church, Juba, South Sudan.