The environment, the landscape and setting of the Nuba Mountains, especially in the rainy season that runs from May to October, is exquisite. We were privileged to enjoy the natural beauty of this region while serving the people in the Nuba Mountains. The Nuba people are charming in nature; their hospitality and friendship makes one easily feel at home in the Nuba Mountains.

I had the privilege to teach our students who started their teacher training a year ago in Gidel. I was absolutely impressed: our students are doing great academically, socially and spiritually. They have shown us that it is worth all the challenges in logistics, travel, finance and many others.

While interacting with the students in the classroom and the people in the community in Gidel, I experienced three outstanding characteristics of the Nuba people. They taught me that firstly, they are a people who possess genuine faith in the midst of all challenges.  Secondly, they have an incredible ability to stand hardship. Lastly, they are a people filled with hope that things are going to be alright.

It is our great privilege – personally as well as a College – to be part of God’s work in building these amazing people, communities and nation by equipping a body of teachers in the Nuba Mountains who are transformed with academic excellence, rooted in the Word and glorifying God.

Rev. Simon Lasuba
Deputy Principal Academic Affairs

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