When I joined ECC, I was one of the persons who had one day asked, “Will anything good come out of this College?” This is because I joined the college in 2018 when ECC was going through tough times. The College was not on its original campus. The insecurity in South Sudan and the pulling out of the main funding partner made me to doubt the continuation of ECC.  However, I can now testify that since I was born, this is the only college that I have joined and found it completely worth studying in.

I joined the college when I felt as if I was nothing but now I know I have become somebody knowing who I am. The college took care of us and has taught us how to share and have compassion toward the needy.

I have grown in my Christian walk with the Lord. I am able to relate the word of God to my daily life. We are trained to apply the word of God holistically in all areas of our lives. We are also trained to be creative and entrepreneurial. With this knowledge, I managed to start my own business that is called Prince of Peace Computer Center in which I am offering computer training, secretarial services and English courses for beginners. Through this business, I am able to raise school fees for my studies. Additionally, it is an opportunity to disciple people within my community in Yei.

Our lecturers inspire us in many ways. They are not only lecturers but also act as our parents; they can play games with us, interact with us and teach us by their examples.  ECC lecturers are unique. I have never found these kind of lecturers in my whole school life.

Therefore with all this, I want to say that surely Christ is the centre of this College. I am so delighted to be part of this learning institution. Despite the various crises in the nation, ECC continues to be a centre of hope for the people in Yei Town and South Sudan and the name of God is glorified every day and every year through ECC’s services.

Amos Aloro Patrick
Third year
Diploma of Theology

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