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The two decade civil war in South Sudan has given rise to a huge food crisis, which has led to starvation, malnutrition and high cost of living. This cycle has led to dependency on donor agencies and when there is no aid coming in, it spells doom. Emmanuel Christian College saw this need and initiated an agriculture project, Goli River-Side Integrated farm, which is in alignment with our strategic plan of being economically self-sustainable. The farm is located 1.5 Km from the College and lies on 520 hectares of land of which 32 hectares are already in use. The crop and livestock produce, are currently consumed within the college but due to the increasing number of students, the current input cannot sustain the growing population. Therefore, the college purchases food, which is very expensive. Therefore there is a huge need to develop the remaining part of the land in order to achieve economic self-sustainability.


ECC has a livestock department that comprises of cows, chicken and pigs. The number of livestock is few compared to the rising number of students and therefore there is need to replenish the existing livestock.