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South Sudan, as a new nation, faces a lot of challenges concerning health. Tropical diseases threaten its citizens killing them on daily basis. Maternal mortality rates are high. Countless adults lose their lives due to accidents and known diseases due to lack of health services. HIV/AIDs is the other silent killer. A productive community ensures nation building, profitable activities and conscious of any decision they undertake regarding their health and social wellbeing. This guiding principal in mind motivated ECC to initiate the construction of the first operational health clinic over a 26 mile radius. The clinic does basic health education and takes care of minor ailments but in case of a life-threatening illness like typhoid fever, they have to go to Yei town which is 26 miles away. Poor infrastructure makes the journey perilous and a ticking time bomb on one’s life and many a life has been lost during this journey. Currently there is only one clinical officer and one lab technician who take care of many health cases a day, which are increasing daily. Therefore there is great need to expand the current facility, stock it with adequate hospital equipment and increase medical staff, to ensure that no life is lost due to an illness and also create a bigger impact by expanding the current health educational program.