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ECC combines a holistic approach to education,our students put their ambitions into action though integrating practical expertise with wise and faifthful stewardship.Together we explore life challenges,while preparing the you for a life time of engaged Christian service.

Entrance requirements

  • For the Bachelor degree and all the diplomas, the candidates are expected to have completed "O" level; Sudan Certificate of General Education with pass; and A level is an added advantage.
  • For certificate in theology, in-service training, children ministry and computers the candidates are expected to have completed primary 8 with pass.
  • Age

  • At least from 18 years and above
  • For Bachelor, Diploma and certificate in Theology, church or pastoral recommendation is a must.
  • For Education studies, church or institutional recommendation is required.
  • References

  • To help the college to have objective assessment, the candidate will provide at least two referees, three is an added advantage.
  • Mature Entry

  • An applicant can be from 36 years and above with some considerable life Experience.
  • At least have finished primary education
  • Shall have competence and ability to do required academic task.

Application Procedures

Applicants request the form to be sent through any channel available including the ongoing students