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Main Library

The library currently holds approximately 10,000 books and 3 journals that are regularly received either by subscription or exchange. Students and staff have catalogued all our books with the latest library of congress codes for easy retrieval. The collection is housed in premises that provide facilities for students to study. This includes a big hall that can contain up to 300 students at a time. We are in the process of implementing a World class, state of the art library software that can be used to ensure cataloguing and all other library functions meet international standards. This includes a user-friendly online catalogue (OPAC) that allows all students, wherever they are, to access the library catalogue, conduct searches and make requests for loans.

Objectives of the library

  • Provide materials necessary for the training programs in the college
  • Facilitate quick access to information through the provision of efficient retrieval tools.
  • Train users on how to utilize the library to the maximum.
  • Provide a conducive place for study to the students, lecturers and other permitted users.